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MARTINEZ: One Dead In Gravel Truck Spill

Photo: Archive

A 32-year-old Martinez woman was killed Monday when she was buried under a load of gravel spilling from a nearby construction truck. Witnesses at the scene attempted to rescue Lindsey Combs, saying she was complying with a request from the construction crew to move her car when the accident occurred.

Police said the incident was reported at 1:05 p.m. at Shell Ave. and Pine St. in Martinez. Witnesses reported that Combs went to move her car from her driveway at the request of construction crews when the bed of the truck tipped, the truck bed falling onto the car and spilling its load.

The JJR Construction truck was supplying gravel to a nearby city construction project and was carrying a 20-ton load of gravel. The truck’s driver was not believed to have been injured, but neighbors said Combs’ daughter followed her out of their house and witnessed the accident.


  1. Im surprised they didn’t just pave over her. It was obscene how work continued after this tragedy as if NOTHING HAD HAPPENED>

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