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Going Back To “The Good Old Days… Sort Of!”



It is fun to get mail from government-allied suppliers…especially Republic Services of Costly Contra County (please smile).

So we get two mailers that introduce a new word for Garbage as Organics. For us who spent our lives in tech, we know organics are hydrocarbon compounds so it is logical to label our new green container with “Organics” because it is made from a hydrocarbon polymer. What goes in it is Garbage of all types from our homes and yards that are a misuse of the word “ORGANICS.”

Much simpler is the BLUE container labeled RECYCLE that takes bottles, paper, and cans quite similar to what we put in our REDDISH BROWN container now. The only problem being it is the same BLUE as our current GARBAGE container and sure to receive quantities of GARBAGE due to our learned habits.

The most FUN is a BLACK, actually GRAY, container labeled LANDFILL which only exists for what we are NOT suppose to put in it such as recycling, yard waste and electronic/electical items. It has no defined purpose except to take up space in our yard. There will be an extra charge if you don’t want this LANDFILL container.

So we have come full circle. We have a garbage can for all home and yard garbage, and a recycle can for all the cans, bottles and paper. Then we have a LANDFILL can just to look at!

In typical government fashion, we now only know what we are not suppose to do!

How fun is that?

Harald Paul Arthur Balle
Cervato neighborhood CA 94507-1075


  1. I didn’t really understand this letter it was kinda complicated sounding but I’m just happy to finally get some new cans since my old ones have been broken and smashed to bits for more than a year but Waste Management never wanted to replace them. Now I know why they didn’t want to replace them. They were on their way out.

  2. Republic Services is Waste Management with a name change.

    The containers are not being replaced as much as they are being changed in usage or lack of obvious usage. The size of containers are changing to large and extra-large sizes so WASTE customers truly need to pursue http://www.republicservices.com/site/pacheco-ca/ to understand that new services are not equal to current services.


  3. Editor,

    In great humor this morning, our Alamo Towne Fool e-exchange defined a use for the LANDFILL container. It was proposed that it exists for delivery of landfill to our homes so we might enjoy some unique scents in our neighborhoods.

    We have been making such assumptions due to the absence of response from Republic Services asking for detailed definition of the services and usage of each type of container. To date, Alamo region neighbors, some 200 in all, have asked for such information without any response.

    As for my plan, as the LANDFILL container arrives, I will paint it green so I have two waste containers, one for garbage and one for yard waste.

    Now how fun is that?


  4. Answers from Republic Services:

    Thanks for your feedback about Customer Service, I will touch base with our CS department to clarify where they can direct people for more information (www.recyclesmart.org).

    The container sizes available for residential garbage are 20-gal, 32-, 64-, and 96-gal carts (toters). Available recycle and organics cart sizes are 64-gal and 96-gal.

    CCCSWA (Walnut Creek, Danville, Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga, and unincorporated areas in Central CC) decided to switch to the new color scheme (black for landfill, blue for recycle, green for organics) to match the standard that most other places in the US have, to be consistent and hopefully make sorting more clear. Recyclables are sent to the Mt. Diablo Recycling facility in Pittsburg, organics are sent to the compost facility in Richmond, and landfill materials (what people typically refer to as trash or garbage) is sent to the Keller Canyon Landfill.

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