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WALNUT CREEK: Friday Night DUI Checkpoint Results

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On Friday March 6th, the Walnut Creek Police Department in conjunction with the Center for Human Development hosted a sobriety checkpoint on Lawrence Way from 9 p.m. until 2 a.m.

Police said a total of 1,148 cars drove through the checkpoint. Of those, 717 drivers were contacted by officers explaining the reason for the checkpoint. Seven of those drivers were pulled aside to ensure they were safe to drive. Of those seven, four were arrested for Driving Under the Influence, according to police.

The department extended its thanks to people passing through the checkpoint, and said officers received positive statements of support from many of those contacted that evening.


  1. .3% of the drivers who went through the DUI checkpoint were drunk and .5% of those actually stopped were intoxicated. Wow. All that manpower wasted.

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