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ORINDA: Senate Candidate Glazer Raises $179,000 In One Month

Senatorial candidate - and Orinda mayor - Steve Glazer has amassed a considerable war chest for his state senate bid.

State Senate candidate – and Orinda mayor – Steve Glazer has added an impressive $179,000 to his campaign fund, raising the money in a mere 28 days from 230 donors and supporters.

To date, Glazer’s camp says, the candidate has raised a total of $213,000 to fund his bid for a senate seat.

“It means a great deal to me to have to support of so many donors,” Glazer said in a prepared release.  “Raising this much money in twenty eight days makes it clear that I have broad support for my District 7 Senate race.”

Glazer’s supporters cite his bi-partisan endorsements from almost fifty local elected officials – including retired Contra Costa County Sheriff Dick Rainey, former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, retired State Controller Steve Westly, and former state Treasurer Kathleen Brown

Glazer currently serves as the Mayor of Orinda and a Trustee of the California State University 23-campus system.
State Senate District 7 includes Alamo, Antioch, Bay Point, Bethel Island, Blackhawk, Brentwood, Byron, Clayton, Concord, Danville, Diablo, Discovery Bay, Dublin, Lafayette, Livermore, Moraga, Oakley, Orinda, Pacheco, Pittsburg, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Sunol and Walnut Creek
The primary will be held Tuesday, March 17. 


  1. A necessary evil I suppose. Hard to run a campaign with out it but big money in politics always makes me cringe.

  2. Has anybody else read up on the bizarre twists and turns in this election? The two republicans who were to run for this seat claim to have been pressured and/or tricked into NOT running. The one republican who filed to run won’t say who paid her filing fees, but she dropped out and endorsed Glazer before she raised any money or did anything. And now Glazers entire strategy vis-a-vis republican voters is to lead with “The only republican dropped out and endorsed Glazer.” Weird, No? Some of the drama is covered here:


    Would be fun to cross examine Glazer on the whole episode. I’ll probably vote for him anyway because the other candidates seem even more liberal.

  3. Glazer is against the Tunnels and the high speed rail and wants to end BART strikes. I’m on the same side on all of those issues so he looks good to me so far. Are there compelling arguments for the other candidates I’m not aware of? I’m not campaigning and my only association with him is that he said “hi” to me at the Orinda BART station once.

  4. @Kris: I think Glazer’s primary source of money is Bill Bloomfield from LA. A rich dude who is very active politically. AFAIK, what he (Bill) wants is to elect moderates (not people in pocket of laborm as per usual in CA).

  5. Republicans were right to discourage Meuser from running, assuming his story is even true. He does a tremendous disservice to the Republican brand, so I wouldn’t blame them a bit for avoiding the whole mess and embarrassment he entails.

  6. Im not usually a single issue guy, but the way Barts unions disregarded riders and taxpayers during the strike hit me personally in the pocketbook and offended my sense of fairness in a big way. Mr Glazer has my vote as a result.

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