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LAFAYETTE: Police Investigating “Inappropriate Conduct” At Temple Isaiah Preschool

Photo: LPD

Lafayette police are investigating an incident reportedly involving an employee at Temple Isaiah preschool and a child there. The nature of the incident was described as “inappropriate conduct” between employee and child.

No further explanation was given.

Few people appeared willing to discuss the situation publicly Thursday. The unidentified employee has reportedly been asked to stay away from the school and is on leave while police seek to determine the exact nature of the allegation.

In a message issued by the school to parents with children in attendance, administrators of the Risa Rd. facility wrote:

“We take the allegation very seriously, but it is important to understand that the investigation is in the very preliminary stages; no charges have been filed. We ask that all of you respect the ongoing process and refrain from speculation or spreading unfounded rumors.”



  1. The wife and I and another couple were discussing this story. They felt the incident was probably sexual in nature but I suspected it was probably spanking/hitting related. This led to a discussion about corporal punishment.

    Two of us argued that corporal punishment while illegal in CA public schools is still legal in private schools. The other two believed it to be illegal in all CA school settings. I was wondering if anyone out there knows the answer. Can private schools use corporal punishment?

  2. Good question and I’ll confess I don’t know. I’m not sure if such a punitive measure is “protected” because the school is private. Given the recent spate of sexually related behaviors I’m almost hoping this is a case of an overprotective parent challenging a school’s right/perception that it can dispense discipline.

  3. We hope this is thoroughly investigated and all pertinent details released in the interest of transparency.

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