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Sobriety Checkpoint Announced For Walnut Creek Friday

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Walnut Creek police announced they will be setting up a sobriety checkpoint on Friday, March 6 starting at 9 p.m. on Lawrence Way north of Parkside Drive, near the onramp to northbound I-680.

Take heed. The department encourages anyone who intends to drink that evening to designate a sober driver to ferry celebrants or to take a cab ride home.


  1. Great opportunity for cops to get some overtime, but the ROI to society is negative. Dumb policy.

  2. The really interesting thing here is that even though the cops TELL YOU where they will be and that they are looking for drunks – they STILL CATCH DRUNKS!!!

  3. @Aaron: They generally find a few drivers whose BAC is over the limit (I am quibbling with your use of drunk), but the odds of catching someone who otherwise would have caused a fatal collision are vanishingly remote. It’s a waste of time and money.

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