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We Have Lift-Off!


The last few days have been full as we worked to get our latest project – a wholly revitalized and user-friendly NEWS24-680 – off the ground. The result, we hope you will agree, has been worth the effort and the wait as we bring our readers a news offering they can use in their daily lives.

Gone are the old barriers for use, with interaction encouraged and made even easier than ever before. Our TIPLINE is open and already seeing use. Remember, you can attach photos of breaking news situations or goings-on in your neighborhood in seconds, and we make a special effort to answer every inquiry with alacrity.

Have an event you’d like to post? No problem, just go to EVENTS and upload your information into this graphic-rich environment, and add your happening to other local meetings, community gatherings and fundraising events – all searchable and conveniently linked to our social media component.

Have something on your mind and want to get it off your chest? Hit the LETTERS button, fill out the form and hit the submit button. Easy as pie. Remember, civility rules at NEWS24-680 so mind your words.

Death in the family? Please accept our deepest condolences and wish that no one will ever have to use our OBITUARIES button – but it is there for when our mortality catches up with a friend or loved one. And unlike other, traditional mediums, this service is completely FREE at NEWS24-680. We don’t believe in capitalizing on the grief of others.

Are you a realtor or private homeowner with a property for sale? Upload information about your property and get out the word to tens of thousands of local people and others who want to be local people in the HOMES section. There is a small fee for this service.

Own a business in Contra Costa County? Or outside the county you feel may be of interest to our tens of thousands of readers? Upload the basic details and a few photos of your business at BIZLISTING and get the word out. There’s also a small fee for this offering, but for about the price of a fast-food lunch for one you’ll reach tens of thousands of people looking for information about your company – and your listing doesn’t go into a landfill at the end of the day.

With so many eyes on we’re a natural for businesses trying to establish their brand in central county and beyond, hit the ADVERTISE button to speak with someone about getting your ad up on our pages. And if you just want to express your support for an independent, local, and edgier than most local news offerings you can always drop a dime on us – or, hopefully, a little more – with the SUPPORT button. We appreciate anything you can send along and promise that all money you send goes right back into the site, providing you with even more, even better news coverage our our neighborhoods. Please consider it.

As always, thanks for reading NEWS24-680!

– The Editors





  1. I agree with Tom but, because of the removal of the up/down voting, I am forced to waste space saying: +1 for Tom’s comment up there.

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