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MORAGA: Midnight Auto Shopping On Camino Peral

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Dedicated readers may remember our reporting on a series of auto burglaries and thefts in the Alta Mesa/Camino Peral area last year, with residents baffled by the disappearance of some cars and the appearance of other, stolen cars in their place.

Residents report some recent console surfing and outright auto boosting in the area of late, notably the evening of Feb. 10 when persons unknown rummaged through at least one car and took another. It’s not known if the two incidents were related.

The police switchboard lit up on Feb. 11 after residents discovered that a car parked at Alta Mesa and Paseo Bernal had been entered and rifled, the owner telling officers there was nothing in the car for the thieves to steal.

But a neighbor in the 1300 block of Camino Peral was not as lucky, leaving his home for work that morning to find that someone had made off with his car – parked and locked on the street outside his home. Officers conducted a search for the car but could not find it, nor could they find any evidence of how the thief or thieves had gotten inside.

A Camino Ricardo resident also reported losing a vehicle, a Ford 150 apparently popular with local thieves, from outside a residence at Camino Richardo and Greenfield Dr. that night, as well. If it turns up on Camino Peral or Alta Mesa, as happened last year, the neighbors are going to be really spooked.

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