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Arrest Warrant Issued For “Pirate” Landscaper; Angry Customers Brandish Weed Whackers

Investigators say Rivas has been seen using this truck.

He blew into the valley like a tumbleweed, at the wheel of a big truck and a cadre of willing helpers. For some up-front money he’d tend your yard. For more, he’d transform it into a Garden of Eden. At least, that was the story…

Like so many pirate “mow-and-blow” and “contractor” crews blowing through the 680 Corridor, investigators said Adan Rivas of Concord promised much, took his money up front – and left at least 11 customers holding the clippings bag.

An arrest warrant was issued for Rivas this week and the 34-year-old Concord man better hope police get to him first. A number of clients, many of them out a good deal of money, are looking for his head and vowing revenge. Their stories are detailed on a robust web site simply titled “Stop Adam Rivas,” but promising a whole lot of payback – Valley-style.

Rivas, who most say has something of a beguiling manner and a certain patter, is looking at 34 criminal charges in connection with his whirlwind tour through Lamorinda, Walnut Creek, San Ramon and Alamo-Danville. Investigators charged him with diverting construction funds, taking excessive down payments, and – horror of horrors – contracting without a license. There’s a $139,000 arrest warrant out for his arrest.

But there are also apparently some locals seeking more than some punishment in a Martinez courtroom, if Rivas can be found. At least one has posted Rivas’ suspected address, and there are admonitions to be on the lookout for his truck (pictured) and crew – believed to be members of his family.

Investigators say they believe there may be more victims. Anyone with information about Rivas’ whereabouts is asked to contact DA’s office senior inspector Al Cofer at acofer@contracostada.org.


  1. He was last seen in Livermore mid October where a sting was set up. He eluded authorities and is still on the loose. His family members are with him in this scam! He also ripped off homeowners in San Jose during this summer.

  2. I am one of his victims and am waiting for him to be caught. He has been scamming good citizens for far too long!

    • Hi, Roopa, and thanks for writing… we just updated this story today. Hope he isn’t into you for too much money…

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