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WALNUT CREEK: Golden Arches Shine No More

The Walnut Creek McDonalds restaurant is no more.

The fabled golden arches at 1380 N. California Blvd. served more than a pre-date Shake, Post-Party Fries and pre-Cruise Burgers – they served as a beacon for thousands of young people who grew up in The Numbers in the 70s and 80s. And some of those kids, grown now, are checking in with their memories of the Walnut Creek Mickey D’s.

Workers have pulled down the famous arches and mansard roofing that drew customers to the corner location since the early 70s, and more than one local has been spotted pulling up for a last, long, wistful glance or selfie. Future use of the site is a little murky, though there are plans for a six-story, 119-apartment unit mixed-use building floating like whipped cream on top of a Vanilla McShake. We’ll have to see.

In the interim, the now grown-up kids who hung out under the arches and fueled up prior to Friday night parties or endless trips down Main Street talk whimsically to their kids about the “good old days,” watch their cholesterol levels and – mostly – exercise their dining options at places with healthier offerings. Or so we are told.

But as far as romance goes, “Mickey D’s” will have a place in the hearts of a lot of people in The Numbers for a long time to come.

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