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MORAGA: Crimes That Make You Go: “Hmmm…”


Cut off from the Big City influences of Highway 24 and I-680, Moraga is an enclave in and of itself, those who live there know. The town’s police logs often reflect that small-town sensibility – with just a hint of Big City angst.

“Siri, Tell Me Where You Are… I’ll Come Get You!”

Neighbors living in the 100 block of Ascot Court called police Feb. 5 told police that someone – they don’t know who – removed a Macbook Pro laptop, an iPad Mini and another laptop from the residence and bolted for parts unknown. With technology being what it is today the newly disconnnected owners dialed up the Macbook’s geo-location system and determined that it was waaaaay up north in “far northern California.” The owners put their loss in the $1,500 range.

Blooming Bloomies Bill

A Miramonte Drive resident reported getting a $5,000 bill from Bloomingdales – on an account she did not open. Feeling she’d been compromised, the local checked her other accounts and found that someone pretending to be her had spent another $5,700 on her other credit cards and, needless to say, she quickly dialed them up to advise them of the fraud.

They Start ‘Em Early In Moraga

Police were sent to Lakefield Place and Tharp Drive on a report of cars racing there shortly after noon on Feb. 7 and determined that the driver of a blue BMW sedan had chased a silver 2014 Hyundai Tucson to Lakefield Place after sensing that the driver may have been underage. Officers located the Hyundai and determined that, yep, the male driver was only 14-years-old. The juvey was released to a parent and discussion of participation in the Juvenile Diversion Program ensued.

Another Baby Food Raider

An employee at the Moraga Safeway was informed that a woman wearing glasses and a colorful dress had just walked out of the store after stuffing five to eight containers of baby formula into her purse. The employee noted the plate on the woman’s car as it sped off but officers were unable to locate the car or the driver. And before you go, “awww, she’s feeding her baby” – this crime happens a lot and is usually the work of an organized ring of thieves targeting certain, high-ticket items for re-sale and use in the urban drug trade.

IRS Scam In Play

It’s tax season and, on Feb. 9, police were contacted by a local who said that someone had filed a 2014 tax return in his name. The FBI and Social Security Administration are on the case and the impersonated taxpayer is at a loss to explain how someone got hold of his Social Security Number.

“Today We Take Care Of All Family Business…”

It may have seemed like something more in line with Goodfellas than Moraga for a moment but police determined that a gun found in the wheel well of a car parked Feb. 8 in the 2100 block of Ascot Drive was actually an Airsoft pistol. That may have been disconcerting enough for most people but the resident also found a black mask nearby. Moraga police took possession of the items and notified surrounding jurisdictions of their discovery. And Luca Brasi still sleeps with the fishes…

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