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MORAGA: Citizens Group Appeals Town Center Homes Project

Signs of growth in Moraga have residents concerned.

Despite official approval and benediction, Moraga’s Town Center Homes project is being appealed – loudly – by a group of residents unhappy with the scope of the project. And, it seems, they may have allies… armed with hoses.

Although the 36-unit project – which includes townhomes and two-story “cottages” on a hardscrabble lot next to MOFD Station 41 on Moraga Way – enjoyed early Planning Commission approval, a group of locals is saying “not so fast,” and have filed an appeal. Apparently, some concern about the scope of the project – more specifically that any residential development should be there at all – was raised by MOFD representatives at their last district meeting.

Residents filed their appeal Dec. 10 and have vowed to come out in force against the project when the matter comes before the Town Council Wednesday night. They cite inconsistencies with the town’s General Plan and Zoning, traffic, parking and scenic corridor impacts.

All involved hope to air their thoughts at the council meeting Wednesday night, scheduled for 7 p.m. in the auditorium at Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School.

Could be interesting…

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