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LAFAYETTE: Lunchtime Purse Dipper Nabbed – With Friends

Walnut Creek diner robbed as she lunches.

Lafayette police said Monday they have identified, located, and arrested the woman who allegedly picked the purse of a woman dining at a local restaurant – leaving her victim and embarking on a pricey shopping and banking excursion on her victim’s dime.

Police said they used a variety of means to piece together the suspect’s movements immediately after she allegedly dipped into a woman’s purse at a Lafayette restaurant, discovering that she was accompanied by two other people and driving a rental car when she withdrew money from her victim’s bank account, purchased gas and snacks at a local gas station and went on a shopping spree in downtown Walnut Creek.

VIDEO: Tape of another recent purse-picking at a Walnut Creek restaurant.

Police said the quick-fingered thief was subsequently identified after her image and the license plate of the rental car was obtained and circulated to neighboring jurisdictions. Lafayette Police Chief Eric Christensen said a registration check revealed the car had been rented in Oakland and that the rental agreement gave police the name of a woman matching the description of their suspect.


Christensen said the as-yet-unidentified woman was located and arrested in Oakland on Friday. She has been booked into the Alameda County Jail and is currently awaiting transport back to Contra Costa County for this theft, Christensen said.

PHOTO, right: Investigators obtained surveillance camera images of the woman police say picked a diner’s purse at a Lafayette restaurant recently – and promptly went on a little shopping spree. The woman was arrested Friday but her identity has not yet been released.

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