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ARTS: Thumbnail Review – “Summer of Sangaile” – Direct From Sundance

Direct from Sundance.

Moragan Joan Edelsohn trundled her entourage to the wilds of Park City this week for a firsthand look at the wild goings on ($35 hamburgers? Are you kidding us?) behind the scenes as the legendary Sundance Film Festival comes to town.

Joan, a prolific baker, committed cinephile, and blue ribbon winner in her own right, previews the festival’s hippest films while dodging the cowboy-hatted glitterati at Sundance.

“Summer of Sangaile”

This is an interesting coming of age film from Lithuania with English subtitles. It centers on the relationship between two young women – one of whom develops a passionate interest in aviation and air shows – at a very turbulent time in their lives. One is tormented by her sense of inadequacy and self doubt, while the other is driven by a sense of longing and infatuation.

Julie, the daughter of a successful former ballerina, is challenged by her hidden fears and desire to explore emotionally driven endeavors. While spiraling out of control into self destructive behavior, she is drawn back to a sense of self-worth and inner confidence by a relationship with another young woman, Auste, who is on her own road of revelations during a summer school break.

The cinematography is stunning but the film pace is a bit slow for most of the movie, picking up at the end.

A complex layering of emotion, angst, and hope.

Joan’s Rating: “C”

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