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MORAGA: A Couple Of Unsettling Incidents In An Unusual Week In MoTown


Ah, Moraga – rolling hills, pastoral fields and neighbors tipping their hats to one another as they pass. And then there’s the Moraga we know…

There are a thousand tales to tell about life here in MoSurbia, and we’re here to drag some of them out into the light. A couple of them seem a little malevolent and scary, others a bit more mundane. They’re all part of life here in our little valley.


On Jan. 13 Moraga police were called to take an unsettling report from a young woman who told them she had been forcibly taken from the parking lot of the Moraga 7-Eleven store and driven to several locations by her ex-boyfriend. Investigating officers contacted the 18-year-old at his home. Based on their findings, officers arrested the unidentified man on kidnapping charges and he was taken to the Martinez Detention Facility for booking. It was not immediately known if the 17-year-old victim was physically injured during the ordeal.

Unwanted Telephonic Attention

On Jan. 14 officers were called to a home on Sandringham and informed that a teen girl on the premises had received sexually explicit phone calls from an unknown man. Police are investigating.

No Connection For D&T Connection

A solicitor for D&T Connection, a Georgia-based magazine solicitation firm, found out about the area’s hardline against non-permitted door-to-door salespeople the hard way on Jan. 15 after their local representative was approached by police after he attempted to make a sale on Campolindo Drive. The solicitor, one of many brought to Lamorinda from out of the area, was cited for hot having the appropriate permits and his company contacted and also so informed. The salesman’s receipt book was confiscated. Police said it appeared he had not made a sale after many calls in the area.

Rolling On Wobbly Rubber

At 1:29 a.m. on Jan. 18 officers spotted a 2005 Honda Accord traveling south on Moraga Road near Ascot Drive – the driver apparently unaware his right front tire was flat. An officer stopped the car and talked with the driver, who appeared under the influence. Subsequent tests showed the 18-year-old’s blood alcohol to be .188 percent. He was taken into custody for driving while intoxicated and for possession two fake ID cards. His car was towed from the scene.

Time To Get That Home Theater

At 8 p.m. on Jan. 18 officers were called to the Rheem Theater in response to a confrontation between suspected noisemakers, theater patrons, and management – who appeared in conflict about just how to behave while watching a film. Patrons and theater management said a group of four individuals were loud as the film rolled and ignored repeated requests for quiet. To make it additionally creepy, apparently one of the cinematic ruffians approached a complaining party, sat next to them and while patting them on the leg – asked for quiet. Hmmm. Due to that contact a battery investigation was requested and is currently under review by the District Attorney.

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