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MORAGA: Christmas, New Year Not So Merry For All Moragans

The Holidays can be tough, we know.

The Holidays come with their own brand of stresses, we know, and while we enjoy Christmas and the arrival of the New Year it seems Moraga police were busy dealing with some bad people, some sad people, and some really, really mad people.

Police logs for the Christmas week detail the meltdowns, break-ins and dust ups which warranted police attention as 2014 came to a close. Some people chose to leave us entirely, we were sad to report, and others experienced mental breaks that left police or others bruised and with little room for Christmas cheer.

Officers were kept busy tracking package pickers pilfering freshly delivered goods from local doorsteps in the week leading up to the big day – residents losing everything from snowball slingshots to electronics – and had to put the Christmas jewelry on a resident in the 1200 block of Rimer Drive on Dec. 17 – after a neighborhood dispute got out of hand and someone had a little too much Christmas cheer.

Video Note: Language a little… rough. But they’re British, sooo…

A Grinch raided the cash drawer and employee tip jar at Home/made Kitchen Café & Bakery on Rheem Blvd. in Moraga just before Christmas, and everyone was left scratching their heads over just how they had done it.

Police said someone got an early Christmas present Dec. 24 when a man on Ascot Drive found that his car had been taken from its parking place, the owner admitting the car was unlocked with a key inside. He put the value of the car at $1,000.

Officers returned to the 1900 block of Ascot on Dec. 26 after a couple of residents reported that someone had gone through their cars overnight, taking roughly $2,500 worth of items from one and $250 from another. Some of the items were recovered after they were apparently discarded on a nearby street.

Officers found themselves tussling with someone who objected to handcuffs going on during a bad morning on Corliss Drive Dec. 27 and eventually managed to get the job done after some damage was done to the home. That same day they were forced to arrest the father of a young man in need of some help during a confrontation on Campolindo Drive. The young man got some help and his father, apparently, was arrested for resisting, delaying, and obstructing police.

Police were back on Corliss Dec. 28 after a neighbor there reported someone had burgled the home sometime over the last few days, stealing safes and a Honda automobile. Loss was put at $12,000.

A man on Miramonte Drive reported someone used a bolt cutter to take his bicycle, valued at $600, sometime overnight between Dec. 28 and 29 and someone rang in the New Year by burglarizing a car in the 1900 block of Ascot, making off with an estimated $1,300 worth of personal items from the unlocked vehicle.

Officers returned to Corliss Drive Jan. 5 after a call for assistance led to an interesting encounter with an individual in a car parked outside a home on that street, the person initially avoiding police attempts to speak with them by hiding under a blanket and pretending not to hear them, then allegedly resisting when asked to get out of his car. The man was arrested for interfering with police and various drug offenses.

Let’s hope Moraga police, who rarely have to resort to physical force around these parts, got some Tiger Balm for Christmas to help soothe those job-related aches and pains.

That’s it. Here’s hoping things cool out as we ease into 2015. Christmas, it appears, was a doozy.

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