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MORAGA: Residents, Town Look To The Ridgelines

Moragans meet tonight to discuss their ridgelines.

Few local issues get neighbors as fired up – in over-the-backyard-fence-discussions, at least – as what Moraga’s hills and ridges will look like in the years to come. Since the views they offer are appealing to prospective homeowners and developers the town set out to develop a guide to building in these areas, preserving property rights while – hopefully – also preserving Moraga’s characteristic rural charms.

The Town’s Planning Commission meets tonight, Monday, to receive a Ridgeline Project and Steering Committee Recommendation on restrictions and protections for the area’s ridges and since future residents and developers are obviously interested in the ridges for the views they afford, specific language relative to their protection is being hammered out.

The Commission is expected to hear from experts and the public regarding the future of ridgeline development in Moraga and will forward its findings and recommendations to the Town Council for review at the council’s Jan. 28 meeting.

If you’re interested and, well, you should be, tonight’s meeting starts at 7 p.m. Monday, at the Moraga Library, 1500 St. Mary’s Road.

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