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MORAGA: Kinda Drinky; Kinda Hinky, And Priority Re-Examinations

Lamorinda, Walnut Creek, Moraga crime beat.

Ah, Moraga – rolling hills, pastoral fields and neighbors tipping their hats to one another as they pass. And then there’s the Moraga we know…

There are a thousand tales to tell about life here in MoSurbia, and we’re here to drag some of them out into the light. Here now, True Crime Cases that’ll make your hair stand up and drive you screaming back to safety of The City. Not really, but you get the picture:

Newfangled Contraption

As we reported on our Facebook page as it was happening, Lafayette and Moraga police had a hasty consultation Dec. 11 after a resident spotted a KIA Rio having trouble maintaining lanes as the driver navigated from Glenside Drive onto Saint Mary’s Road, riding up onto a curb and taking out a small tree in the process. The witness and then police observed the driver stray into oncoming traffic and fell in behind the KIA (didn’t the makers of these things realize those initials have an negative meaning for a lot of Americans?) and eventually pulled the driver over at Rheem Boulevard and Saint Mary’s Road. A Moraga officer attempted to have a conversation with the 88-years-young driver, but she appeared confused by her new car and appeared to have trouble understanding the lawman. Eventually, the driver was persuaded to accept a courtesy ride home and was notified that police were sending a “priority re-examination” notice to the DMV regarding her driving habits.

“Hit ’em again, harder… harder.”

Officers were called to Moraga Way at Moraga Road at 5:15 on Dec. 12 after a motorist apparently rear-ended a car stopped ahead of him at the stoplight, put the car in reverse and then allegedly rammed the car behind him for good measure. Officers believed they were dealing with a Holiday celebrant and asked the driver if he had been drinking, to which he answered that he had not. A series of sobriety tests allegedly proved otherwise, according to police, and a blood alcohol test kicked back a .22 reading – significantly over the legal limit for driving in California. The motorist was arrested for DUI and the case has been forwarded to the district attorney for prosecution.

Ascot Recovery

Police were called to the 1800 block of Ascot Drive on Dec. 14 after a resident spotted a car they believed to have been stolen earlier. Officers recovered the car and contacted the owner.

They Never Attack at Night

Officers saddled up and responded to a home on Camelford Court Dec. 14 after a resident found an arrow in his wooden fence. The homeowner said he was not aware of what tribe had fired the missile but officers took possession of the bolt and contacted neighbors, who said they had no idea who’d let it fly.

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