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LETTERS: Change Afoot In How Alamo – And Lamorinda – Are Represented?

Letter to the Editor

An Alamo resident ponders how his neighbors in Alamo and Lamorinda feel about a possible shift in representation of their neighborhoods at the county level.


There are changes happening in county representation in the Alamo region that have many concerned and more engaged in neighborhoods’ efforts for change.

Gayle Uilkema’s staff is dwindling once again in CCC District 2, and a member of CCC District 3 staff is now back in the Alamo region as part of the District 2 staff. Clearly, this is not making neighborhoods happy because of the memory of at-odds relationships with Mary Piepho and her staff members when they had the Alamo region as part of their district. More, neighborhoods are seeing major shifts in the nature of district 2 representation as more relationships are seen between supervisors and their staffs.

In humor, neighbors refer to CCC District 32.

This is new for Lamorinda because they have been District 2 with Gayle Uilkema and her well-prepared staff representing neighborhood interests very well. As less and less access and response happens with the current district 2 supervisor and staff, Lamorinda will experience what was common during Alamo region’s inclusion in District 3. There will be less response, and even requests “not to contact” as District 2 supervisor and staff continue to transition to district 3 approaches to engagement, interaction and communication, or more notably, the lack thereof.

It is time for concern throughout CCC District 2 among neighborhoods, especially in the unincorporated areas. Going forward it will be important for your readers to comment on their neighborhoods’ experiences with the changing nature of CCC District 2 representation.

Joyous Yule Tide to all,

Harald Paul Arthur Balle

Cervato neighborhood CA 94507-1075

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