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LAMORINDA: Add Your Family Folklore To Aunt Elsie’s Digital History Project

Lamorinda Digital History Project

Veterano Lamorindans may remember being corralled by Moraga school district librarian Elsie Mastick as school kids back in the day. Elsie, known around the NEWS24-680 newsroom as “Aunt Elsie,” is asking for a digital assist from computer savvy readers with tales to tell about their arrival – and experiences – in early Lamorinda.

Aunt Elsie is one of several local folks who devote considerable time and effort compiling a record of local history as conservators for the Moraga Historical Society. And since she readily admits to not being on the best of terms with her computer she realizes the society may be missing out on valuable accounts from more “recent” arrivals who are.

“We’d just like to have an accounting of what it was like for people growing up here,” she told us. “What they saw. Who their neighbors were. What they did as kids. It’s all part of this area and we’d like to be able to put it all together…”

We really liked that, being fond of history and tales of days gone by ourselves, so here you go. If you arrived here as some of us did on a rickety old Conestoga when dinosaurs or maybe bison roamed Lamorinda, feel free to drop in your arrival date, wagon (or station wagon) number and any memories you’d care to share.

Word restrictions may hamper the long-winded but multiple entries are fine. The society has a “nice young man” who will be accessing accounts generated by this story and aggregating them for posterity in the digital world.

So, who will be first? “My family arrived in Lafayette/Moraga/Orinda in…

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