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Thanksgiving Day Ruminations From Scoop 24-680

A grizzled old scribbler sets pen to paper for Thanksgiving Day.

A NEWS24-680 Thanksgiving Poem.


A.J. “Scoop” 24-680

What’s to be thankful for this 2014 you might ask?

Why, that’s easy, say we – a News Team, up to every task!

And our readers, of course, tried and true,

who read every story, every word – through and through.

So much happened in The Numbers this year,

politics, skulduggery – a mixed bag of both…

questions about crime, schools, development and growth.

Not everyone likes what we do, we get that, it’s cool,

but we’re thankful for the readers among you who do:

We’re thankful for J. Eriksen, the Harrigans, Nicholsons, Fergusons, and Mr. Blair,

Mssrs. McKinnis, Archuleta, Brenner, Dudek, and Fahrer.


We thank Chiefs Simpkins, Chaplin, Gorton, Priebe, Christiansen and Nagel,

and if we thought they’d go for it we’d offer the Overnight Shift coffee and bagel.

We’re grateful to Hal, the Lees, to Marvin, Ronit, Andrea and The Gentrys,

and for those sharing pictures of your kids, favorite pets and Cookie Riddle entries.

We’re grateful for your support, your words, your kind admonitions,

and the fact that you don’t fire on us with live ammunition.

With 2014 winding down and a New Year approaching,

we look forward to even more readers, more local news, more scholarly coaching.

Veteran readers know NEWS24-680 dislikes cliche and repetition,

we don’t pile on drunk driving or Black Friday stories with seasonal disposition.

So, here’s hoping you can enjoy a day with family all together,

And come back to us on Friday, chilled, happy, and light as a feather.


Happy Thanksgiving to you, from us, at NEWS24-680…

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