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MORAGA: Police Note Uptick In Car Burglaries


Several Moraga residents reported someone had gone through their cars in recent days – helping themselves to anything of value and apparently dropping unwanted items as they went. Police advised people go to greater lengths to secure their valuables, noting that the majority of cars burglarized were unlocked.

We looked at this to determine what, if any, information we could offer would be of help to our readers/neighbors and rather than recite the usual list of common sense approaches to being victimized we thought we’d just run a list of places where cars were hit and where items believed taken in the thefts were later found. Moraga police say the people behind the thefts appear to be walking the street, just trying car doors and taking what they can when they find an unlocked door.


Nov. 9 – Chalda Way and Rheem Blvd., Loss: Women’s clothing, $500.

Nov. 9 – 2000 Ascot, Car stolen from BART parking lot recovered.

Nov. 9 – Corte Santa Clara, personal items taken from car, Loss: $200.

Nov. 9 – 100 Ascot, Car burglarized, property later located in Lafayette. Items recovered.

Nov. 9 – Corte Yolanda, misc. items taken from car, Loss: $150.

Nov. 10- Corte Fortuna, garage door opener taken, Loss: $35

Nov. 10- York Place, small flashlight stolen from car.

Nov. 10- Corte Fortuna, music discs and other items recovered from the sidewalk.

Nov. 10- Moraga Road, small flashlight stolen in previous burglary recovered.

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