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COUNTY: Our Latest “Blue Clue” – Solve The Riddle, And Pamper Yourself

Find the little blue magnet - and win.

Hidden Cash? Ptui. What’s a couple of bucks taped to a pissy fire hydrant when you can have a special reward from one of the area’s finest merchants? Hmmm? All you have to do is solve our riddle, find the NEWS24-680 Blue Magnet, document the find at the EXACT place we mention and voila!

Several local families have already won, finding our magnets on a popular local walking trail, under the bronze foot of a kite-flying kid in Moraga and other, out of the way places. For a while we were providing two dozen chocolate chippy creations from a prize winning local patisserie by way of reward, and those went down well – particularly with milk – but we’re trying something different this week.


Here’s the riddle to help you locate this week’s NEWS24-680 Blue Clue Magnet. Pardon our attempt at verse:

Lend an ear, dear readers, and think this through,

NEWS24-680 offers its latest Blue Clue.

No cookies, no cupcakes, no exotic spice,

But finding this Blue Clue will be just as nice.

You need to be hungry and out about town,

to find our clue at old Barbara’s on Brown.

Hit the bricks and approach the plank,

you’re not looking for a guy named Hank.

Approach the tall man and say these words:

“NEWS24-680 sent me, what’s my reward?”

Then smile for the selfie and prepare to relax,

over what’s set before you, and chill to the max!


Got it? Solve the riddle, find our magnet. Say the words and take a selfie on the precise spot (or all bets are off) and look for your smiling face on our Facebook page. Enjoy your reward on the spot!

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