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WALNUT CREEK: Purse Dipper Caught – On Tape, At Least

Walnut Creek diner robbed as she lunches.

A woman dining at a downtown restaurant had a hard lesson driven home recently after police advised her that she had been robbed – while lunching – and never even noticed. Fortunately, or maybe not, the incident was recorded for posterity.

Walnut Creek police said the scene was recorded as diners enjoyed a casual lunch, a woman with a large purse entering the restaurant and, after apparently selecting her target, picking a seat near her and – at one point – smiling and engaging a neighboring diner in conversation before stealing the woman’s pocketbook, rifling it and leaving without anyone being the wiser.

Police are hoping someone will recognize the woman. The video, provided courtesy of Walnut Creek PD, is illustrative of several crime prevention maxims we hear frequently from officers but, apparently, are quick to forget. As crimes go they don’t get much more brazen than this.

Police said the quick-fingered thief promptly went on a $3,000 shopping spree after the theft – just not with her money.

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