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WALNUT CREEK: Local Liquor Dealers Bat .500 In Friday Night Sales To Minor Decoys

Walnut Creek businesses sold alcohol to underage decoys 50 percent of the time, police say.

Underage decoys posing as – well, underage partiers in search of alcohol – were able to score at three of the six local businesses they entered Friday, police said. Three store employees were cited by officers monitoring the decoys’ attempts to purchase liquor.

In partnership with the Center for Human Development, Walnut Creek police watched as teen decoys attempted to buy liquor at six local businesses – leaving the store alcohol in hand half the time. Friday’s operation is one of several aimed at reducing underage drinking in the city.

Three employees at three unnamed outlets were were either cited or booked for furnishing alcohol to a minor. Others who demanded identification and properly refused the transaction were commended for doing the right thing.

Along with either citation or arrest, employees who sold to an 18-year-old decoy were told the owners of the business would be contacted and Alcohol Beverage Control officials notified for possible future action.

Officers said that with school back in session, parents should continue to discuss the consequences associated with alcohol use and to know WCPD is making a concentrated effort to address the problem.

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