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WALNUT CREEK: “1500” Project Underway, Tenants List Growing


Not many addresses carry the gravitas of, say, a Number 10 Downing or its equivalent at 1600 Penn. But in Walnut Creek an ambitious development project underway at 1500 Mt. Diablo Blvd. is already being referred to simply as “1500.”

The confluence of Mt. Diablo Blvd. and N. Main Street in Walnut Creek is also home to Tier 1 retailers like Tiffany and Apple and popular brick-lined boîtes offering high ticket bottles of vino and a chance to watch the Great Parade of humanity flowing through the area on a daily basis. Locals couldn’t help but notice that excavators have cleared the designated footprint at 1500 for a new, cutting-edge rooftop restaurant and complement of high-end shops lining up to be part of the city’s downtown shopping and dining Mecca.

1500Renderings depict some intriguing details, including trend-setting cantilevered windows, a rooftop terrace for al fresco dining, designs for a vegetable and herb garden (ostensibly in support of a farm-to-table restaurant, as yet unnamed, which has evinced interest in occupying the space), planters and benches for seating along Mt. Diablo and a towering, living “green wall” climbing the lobby of the restaurant.

Prospective tenants remain a closely held secret, though ultra-prep clothiers Vineyard Vines have signaled their intent to rent and bring their brand of Cape Cod-style casual wear to the landmark building. Also, one cannot help but note that on the renderings for the project the name of the restaurant is “Greens.” Hmm.

Rendering: “1500,” Courtesy BH Development

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