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LETTERS: Elections, Schmlections – Let’s Just Appoint Our Leaders

Letter to the Editor

An Alamo resident ponders how his neighbors and NEWS24-680 readers feel about dispensing with costly elections and the appointment of city council members.


Our 24-680 corridor neighborhoods are sharing their thoughts on various city councils appointing city council members to avoid the cost of elections. What seems to be the most common question among voters in the numbers is “don’t we get to say YES or NO to the candidates so they have a mandate on being our representatives?”

In Danville, the current Mayor has never been elected to the council, and there are two appointed council members. That provides opportunity of Danville voters to treat the appointees as place-holders and not as actual council members with mandate to be voters’ representatives. In Danville, reality shows that neighborhoods are challenging the appointees and those council members that did the appointments with complaint that council actions and approvals are fully at-odds with the voting majority.

Over the years in our corridor neighborhoods, there has been a less-than-humorous desire among voters to write-in “Other” to simply register their NO vote for the available candidate. It is only a symbolic action because those running unopposed only need one vote to be elected. But many of our corridor neighbors smile at the thought that an unopposed candidate would suffer the embarrassment of being out-voted by “Other.”

What do your readers think of council appointments and the ability of appointees to represent voters in their community?


Harald Paul Arthur Balle

Cervato neighborhood CA 94507-1075

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