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Lindsay Volunteer and Author Shows Off “Crow Smarts”

Pamela Turner helped care for this crow after it was injured and now releases it back into the wild.

Pamela S. Turner has enjoyed some seriously cool Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) adventures.

I’ve written before about her brush with a white shark while hanging out with scientists in a tiny little boat and observing tool-using dolphins in Western Australia. This time, Pamela is going on a STEM adventure with ties to something closer to her everyday life, which includes volunteering at Lindsay Wildlife Museum.

Pamela Turner Releases Rehabilitated Crows Back Into the Wild Before Heading Off to Research Her Next Book.

Pamela helps raise injured baby crows that are brought to the museum’s animal hospital for rehabilitation. All that time spent among the dark winged birds has apparently rubbed off on her, because she’s developed a thing for crows. She and Lindsay allowed the camera to tag along recently when three of those rehabilitated crows were released back into the wild.

Lindsay Veterinarian Technician Ryan Kozisek examines rehabilitated crows before they're returned to the wild.

During the trip, Pamela also shared the subject of her new book, which has to do with crows. She and a photographer are bound for New Caledonia, an island in the South Pacific with a species of crow that not only uses tools, but makes them. Pamela and the photographer plan to hang out with the New Zealand scientists who study the crows as research for a new book, “Crow Smarts,” due out in 2016.
While Pamela herself isn’t a scientist, her interest in STEM and her mad writing skills have provided her with some serious adventures. It’s worth pointing out, that Pamela also tends to seek out scientists who are women or from other groups that are underrepresented in STEM. The best way to get and keep girls interested in STEM is the same way to get boys interested in STEM: Make it cool!

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