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Find the NEWS24-680 Blue Magnet – Get the Cookies!

Find the little blue magnet - and win.

Hidden Cash? Ptui. What’s a couple of bucks taped to a pissy fire hydrant when you can have a couple of dozen state-fair-winning chocolate chip cookies? Hmmm? All you have to do is find the NEWS24-680 magnet, document the find at the EXACT place you found our magnet by noon Friday and voila!

An Orinda family has already Cookied Up, their sharp-eyed youngster finding one of our magnets on a popular local walking trail, the Mum In Charge taking the required Magnet Selfie and sending the evidence to NEWS24-680. A pretty pink box with two dozen chippy creations from prize winning local patisserie Les Trois Bisous arrived and it was Cookie Time at that Orinda household. Easy Peasy.

Our last Blue Clue was affixed limpet-like to the northern stanchion of the cast iron bridge at the Moraga Commons, in plain view and readily accessible. Someone got it, but they must be dieting because we didn’t get a selfie. Perhaps it’s clinging happily to their refrigerator.


Here’s a clue to help you locate this week’s NEWS24-680 Magnet. Pardon our attempt at verse:

Time to move further afield,

as our last Magnet Placement had no yield.

Not on a steel bridge this time, no way,

this Blue Clue was placed in the light of day.

We could say our placement was coy if we were bad spellers,

but it’s right there, you don’t need Old Yeller.

Look around the pool and ye shall see,

a Cookie Magnet for your Fam-i-lee.


Got it? Find the magnet. Take a selfie on the precise spot (or all bets are off) you found it and send it to us here along with your contact info. And, no, we don’t provide the milk… you’ll have to get that yourself.

NEWS24-680 Cookie Note: Please, two dozen cookies is a lot. Don’t try this all by yourself, invite friends and neighbors over to help!

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