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LETTERS: Moraga Town Center Homes Project Need to Shrink or Disappear

Letter to the Editor

A Moraga resident talks with his neighbors and writes with concerns about a 36-unit townhouse development project planned for construction on Moraga Way.


Today Larry Tessler, Clay Watkins and I met with Ella Samonsky, Moraga Associate Planner at her invitation to look over the proposed Multi-family project on our ‘Scenic Corridor’ in Moraga. She was polite, professional and only a tad defensive. She said the approval process is being followed and we were early on in the long process. She did not have an opinion, she said she was simply following the rules.

I made the point that this design was clearly contrary to the Scenic Corridor section of the Moraga 2002 General Plan and that it would permanently alter the semi-rural ambiance we all care for so much and, once built, it would set a horrible precedent that could not be reversed or removed.

Larry’s concern is centered around the deleterious effect such a development would have on the Country Club area, parking, traffic and aesthetics were just some of his concerns.

All of us felt that public pressure will soon begin to build and bring to bear a more accurate sense of our Town’s real opposition to the project as it stands today.

I urge our citizens, visitors and others to take a more careful look at this project before it slides through the approval process unopposed. Two of our Council members are up for re-election this November and I’d like everyone to write Ken Chew and Dave Trotter and their colleagues on the Council to ask where they stand on this issue.

www.ruralmoraga.com is up and running with the poll running at this writing at 93% opposed to the plan. I would like to develop the site into a local informational resource for development and other Moraga issues as they arise. It is in its infancy and suggestions are more than welcome.

My wife and I have only been here a decade, Clay a bit longer and Larry is closing in on 40 years. We represented 60 years of residency and our message was clear. Maybe this is a decent project. It is most definitely does not belong in one our “Scenic Corridors” and Moraga would be permanently damaged by its approval and construction in its current form. Hope to see you all at the upcoming Planning Commission meetings. I hope to have pertinent dates and contact information on the site soon.


Fritz Stoop


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