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MORAGA: Story Poles Tell The Tale; Moragans Looking For A Happy Ending

Signs of growth in Moraga have residents concerned.

Change, we have been told over the years, is inevitable. Better to call it “progress” and live with what comes. Right?

But we’re not so sure, especially as many of those who told us that things are inevitable have moved on, leaving us to live with their decisions. Residents surprised to see that Saint Mary’s Road can be rendered impassable by hundreds of parents and well-wishers parking willy-nilly on graduation day and other large events should know that the town was apprised of this condition years ago – and that a possible solution proposed at the time (campus security directing traffic on one of the town’s critical main access roads) is just now being reconsidered after residents screamed about getting caught in the morass.

Residents who have also expressed concern about height and density ratios of several construction projects currently making their way through the town’s planning process are also watching the resultant dust storm as Moraga Country Club residents and people who hope to use Moraga Way as an expedient means of egress during the morning commute hour look at the “story poles” representing planned construction of 36 new town homes along the thoroughfare and ask: “More people, more cars? Are you kidding me?

Well, no, they’re not, as these and other projects take form and statistics about “trip counts” and cars-per-household are bandied about like stats at a Little League ballgame. We prefer the “if you build it, people will eventually fill it” maxim – and point to the supposedly traffic alleviating construction of the much ballyhooed fourth bore at the Caldecott. Has it made things better? You tell us, but we don’t think so.

Walking the recently erected forest of lofty 2×4’s on Moraga Way sparked certain concerns about sight lines and, well, architecture, for us, but we’d rather hear what you think about planned construction of the Town Center townhouse cluster there, and perhaps another planned for the old Moraga Bowl site, not to mention Rancho Laguna II, Camino Ricardo – among still others.

Progress? Or a threat to the lifestyle many Moragans have come to expect? You tell us…

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