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Caption The Crazed Commuter

Caption the photo.

Kevin Wilson’s snapshot of two simultaneous meltdowns on the Bay Bridge approach Thursday is deserving of a worthy caption, we thought. Have one?

Wilson froze the commuter moment as a motorist, under some unseen pressure or perhaps just fed up with the Rat Race, methodically set fire to his own vehicle and danced with an empty gas can as nervous firefighters approached to cool them both down.

We’ve heard some deserving captions for the photo, but thought you may want to add one of your own.


  1. We can not even say the title should be “Bicyclist ALLEGEDLY Gets Physical With Driver”, because no charges were pressed. This title does not deliver news, of which there is none, but merely serves to cash in on aggressive emotions seeking an outlet. This journalism is guilty of egging on road aggression against cyclists.

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