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OPINION: ISIS And The New Terrorists In Our Crosshairs?

A terrorist threat emerges in Iraq and Syria.

lmost before the western world is done wiping its hands of Osama bin Laden a new face emerges as the leader of a ruthless fundamentalist terror organization.

Abu-Bakr-al-Baghdadi’s fiery rhetoric and promises of future conflict between our country and members of his Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) have been driven home with snippets of what appears to pass as entertainment for your basic Sharia infused jihadi – video of mass executions, torture, and short clips of al Baghdadi himself stirring things up, complete with OBL-style cutdown Kalashnikov leaning against the wall beside him and all the usual chants of Death to America.

Now, you can hear similar chants in thousands of madrassas across the Middle East and parts of Europe as sovereign nations cave in to pressure brought by burgeoning populations of refugee muslims and forego their own laws our of “respect” for the fundamentalist views of new arrivals. That they do this to head off potentially damaging riots in their streets is plain to see. So we can only wonder what our own reaction will be when the head of ISIS stares into a video camera and proclaims: “Soon we will face you, and we are waiting for this day.”

Any of the dozen or so U.S. servicemen we know whose boots were the actual boots on the ground in Iraq during our “Spring Break ’03” lightning thrust into Mesopotamia predicted just this sort of sectarian upheaval. Tales of hot tribal tempers, long memories and schools and mosques packed with sophisticated weaponry – much of it made right here in the good ole USofA – were rife among returning service members we debriefed after they left places like Fallujah and Mosul and returned home.

With headlines proclaiming the return of U.S. Marines to Iraq (ostensibly to protect American diplomats and other expatriates still in-country) and with Iran asking for U.S. military intervention to head off ISIS in Iraq the worm definitely appears to be turning and a new – or not so new depending on who you speak with – threat scenario emerging.

What should be done? You tell us…

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