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Gardeners Flock To All-Natural, Airborne Gopher Trap

Moraga, Lamorinda, Lafayette, Alamo, Walnut Creek, Danville

Forget the traps, poison pellets, smoke generators, water pumps and hovering over the mound of freshly dug earth with a .22 at the ready, there’s a new gopher eradication device in town – and he eats what he catches.

Gardeners we know, notably Alamo’s own Joe Queirolo, forwarded a link to this clip of a two-legged wonder dining on subterranean earth movers and, we have to say, it was pretty cool to watch after seeing our own precious landscaping pulled under by the furry sappers we’ve battled on more than one occasion.

WARNING: Kids, death is never pleasant even when it happens to a gopher. You may not want to watch the clip of this feathered GopherNator in action.

Anyone else who has ever battled the buck-toothed buggers may derive perverse enjoyment in this particular string of kills, captured with alacrity and great choice of background music by videographer Michael Bukay on March 17, 2012 at Miller Knox Regional Park in Pt. Richmond, along the San Francisco Bay Trail and after several days of heavy rains.

Bukay theorizes that the gophers were closer to the surface due to the recent rains in the area and that, apparently, made it easier for the hawk-eyed Heron, whose lethality and deftness of bill-strike can only be admired by the more bloodthirsty among us – including me.

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