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Tree Fort? Poo. Bouncy House? Naw. This Orindan Is Building A Backyard Coaster

Lamorinda, Walnut Creek, Moraga, Alamo, Danville.

Orindan Will Pemble’s first mistake was introducing his two children to a roller coaster during a family trip back east. His second mistake was saying “yes” when his son suggested they build their own – in their backyard.

Pemble, a “can do” kinda guy with some carpentry skills and an engineer’s mind for the principles of inertia, threw some money and his considerable will into the project in September of last year. Before long, the struts, rails and cart of an improvised but safety-conscious backyard thrill ride began to take shape. He’s documented his project, which he hopes to finish by the end of this year, in a series of videos which have gained a following of like-minded coaster enthusiasts on YouTube.

As backyard projects go this one trumps most others, and while some guys opt to cheat a little and bring in crews and Bobcats to build their sports courts and batting cages, Pemble is tackling this project by himself – although the kids and his wife volunteer for test rides or camera duty.

We admire his grit and determination, being gritty ourselves, but wonder if the project won’t attract unwanted scrutiny from city government concerned about safety and all as Pemble’s kids zoom around their yard. We’ll see.

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