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Fighting Time: More Attention Needed For Seniors

Caregiver busted after meth use in client's residence.
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This is a pet peeve of ours here at 24-680 so forgive us: our senior citizens, who have done and seen so much in their lifetimes, are being neglected and, in some cases, abandoned outright. We feel more should be done to help the elderly. Now.

We’ve written about this a little in recent months, as our parents and grandparents find themselves in increasing stages of risk and abandonment. Sadly, it seems, many do not come to the attention of those in a position to help them until our police are called upon to take notice.

Recent news reminded us of how easy it is for our elderly neighbors and relatives to fall through the cracks and be lost in a hurry-up world faster than many of them are accustomed to. We were reminded of the Moraga man recently discovered dead in his home – by police – after someone finally took notice and asked that someone check on him.

On April 23, Moraga police were called to Oxford Drive by the daughter of an elderly couple who had both been suffering from separate medical issues.

Officers determined that the 80-year-old father, who was caring for his 81-year-old wife as she fought the demons of dementia, had suffered an apparent stroke in the garage of their home. His wife, who was found with a bloody nose, was determined to have been on her own for two days and appeared to have fallen. Both were taken to John Muir for treatment.

On April 28, a despicable pair of thieves were caught on video as they set up, distracted and then stole from an 80-year-old woman at the Home Goods store in Moraga. The thieves, in their 20s, made off with the woman’s driver’s license, credit cards and some cash – and used the cards at various stores in Walnut Creek immediately after the theft. Police are on the case and hoping to catch the pair, described as a white or hispanic male in his mid 20s, and a white female, also in her mid 20s.

Now, we hope you will agree that as crimes go stealing from the elderly is particularly reprehensible and we hope MPD are able to bring a case against this pair. In the interim, we hope you will also agree we can all do a little bit better job of checking on our elderly friends and neighbors from time to time – a good deed for which you may be richly rewarded with a story from their equally rich lives.

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