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Berkeley Man Convicted In Walnut Creek Rape Case

Arbitrators award $3.7 million to former employees.

A Berkeley man was convicted on four counts of burglary and sexual assault in connection with the 2010 attacks on two women at the Park Regency Apartments in Walnut Creek.

Antonio Andre Mouton, 26, was convicted on Thursday of residential burglary and assault with intent to commit rape for the first of two separate attacks on Park Regency residents in June and July, 2010. Mouton was also found guilty of residential burglary and forcible rape for the second attack. Conviction on the four felony counts means Mouton could face 32 years to life in state prison when he returns to court for sentencing May 30.

Jurors could not come to a decision on two additional counts of forcible rape stemming from the second Park Regency assault and a mistrial was declared on those counts. Prosecutors linked Mouton to two of three assaults on women living at the Park Regency. No one has been brought to justice for the third incident, police said. In that case, a tenant was awakened by a man who put his hand over her mouth but fled after she doused him with pepper spray.

Investigators used DNA evidence to tie Mouton to the second victim and noted that Mouton’s cellphone records during the six-week period the attacks took place indicated he was in Walnut Creek on the days the assaults took place. Mouton’s defense attorney reminded the jury that the first woman to be assaulted could not positively identify her attacker in court. She also criticized the work of police detectives who, Public defender Diana Garrido said, used an improper identification procedure to point victims at Mouton and for failing to secure surveillance tape from the Park Regency before it was erased.

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