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Motor Units Return To The Street In Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek police, motorcycle patrol, traffic in Walnut Creek, California

Speeders and Distracted Drivers who may have gotten away with their vehicular transgressions in Walnut Creek in the recent past will stand less of a chance of wreaking havoc as the city’s traffic enforcement unit returns to the street.

Staffing problems forced the unit off the road and an uptick in injury accidents police chief Tom Chaplin could be lowered by increased enforcement. There were 245 accidents with injury last year compared to 195 in 2012, Chaplin said, partially attributable to the draw down in traffic enforcement due to staffing issues. Police issued 3,541 traffic citations in 2013, police records show, compared to the nearly 10,000 citations issued in 2010.

“Traffic is obviously a major issue in Walnut Creek,” Chaplin said. “Our (citation) numbers are lower than they have been traditionally … And that has to do with staffing problems we have now solved.”

Budget cuts had forced the department to find ways to do more with less, according to the chief, but with a full complement of 82 officers back on the rolls it’s time, he said, to bring back a few of the programs the department was forced to give up because of money and personnel issues.

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