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Danville Police Warn Against Phone Scam

Danville Police Log.

Danville Police are warning area residents to be on the lookout for criminals carrying out the ‘grandchild scam.’ Police Chief Steve Simpkins said the scam has two versions; a resident will get a phone call from a person claiming to be a family member who is currently being held in custody in a foreign country and needs money to be bailed out.

The alternative version is the caller claims to be a government official requesting bail money for an incarcerated loved one. In either scam, the victim is instructed to wire money or purchase money orders to ‘bail out’ their relative. Simpkins said victims have been fleeced out of significant sums through these scams. This crime is occurring here in the San Ramon Valley, as recently as this week.

“Any resident who is approached in this manner is encouraged to contact the Danville Police Department before taking any action,” Simpkins stated. “We understand the concern that can be caused by hearing a loved one is in trouble; however, let us check it out and verify the situation is legitimate before sending any money.”

For information, contact Investigations Sgt. Jason Haynes at (925) 314-3703 or jhaynes@danville.ca.gov.

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