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ATM Wranglers At Work In Moraga

ATM Heist

Those portable Automated Teller Machines make tempting targets, apparently. Police tell us rustlers recently lassoed one in Moraga and took it off to their hideout.

Thieves apparently unaware of the Western Code of hanging for cattle and ATM rustlers broke into the service station at 1135 Moraga Way at 2:10 a.m. the morning of March 5, threw a cable around a small ATM located near the front door and tied said cable to a trusty nag – in this case possibly a powerful pick-em-up truck.

A mighty tug and the machine was off its moorings and in the hands of the rustlers. They made a clean getaway, police report. It was not known how much loot was in the machine, or it it was, no on is saying.

We’re picturing a bunch of bad guys gathered around the machine in a garage somewhere with drills and concrete saws. Those things can’t be easy to open.

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