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A Good Song For Bad Times

News24/680 Request Line

A favorite song by a favorite singer with backup from a picker songwriter who knows a thing or two about music. This one is from Darron, for Kim – apparently she knows why.

We forgot how much we missed this band. We know Darius has struck off on his own and is riding on the strength and power of that voice of his but together these guys were more than mere Blowfish. Great stuff and we’re glad to spin it for Darron, though we’re sorry about the circumstances.

  • “Let Her Cry”
  • Hootie and the Blowfish, with Willie Nelson
  • Farm Aid, 1995

Good one, eh? Got another? Step on into the diner, friends, there’s coffee percolatin’ and music in the machine – waiting to come out. All it takes is one fat little nickel.

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