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Al Fresco Dining With A Side Of Architecture In Walnut Creek?


The confluence of Mt. Diablo Blvd. and Main Street in Walnut Creek is already home to Tier 1 retailers like Tiffany and Apple and popular brick-lined boîtes like Va de Vi. And now a local developer wants to bring another landmark structure to 1500 MDB.

Brian Hirahara is spearheading “1500,” a three level retail structure on the northwest corner of Main Street and Mt. Diablo which, when completed, should incorporate some interesting architectural elements into a retail and dining space that ups the prestige factor for the intersection and local neighbors Neiman Marcus, Tiffany & Co., Apple, and Pottery Barn.


“We’re planning to break ground this spring, which is right around the corner,” Hirahara said Tuesday. “No tenants to announce yet, although we’re getting close.”

Renderings depict some intriguing details, including trend-setting cantilevered windows, a rooftop terrace for al fresco dining, designs for a vegetable and herb garden on the roof (ostensibly in support of a farm-to-table restaurant, as yet unnamed, which has evinced interest in occupying the space), planters and benches for seating along Mt. Diablo and a towering, living “green wall” climbing the lobby of the restaurant.

Rendering: “1500,” Courtesy BH Development

With a reputation for incorporating long-term care and concern for the downtown spaces they develop (Sasa’s, Va de Vi), Hirahara admitted to an unabashedly selfish rationale for making 1500 a downtown destination with eye-catching urban appeal.

“We’re all about trying to create well-designed projects with outdoor dining and food concepts that haven’t arrived here yet,” he said. “I like to say that when I go out to ‘the city’ I mean Walnut Creek – I have young daughters so WC is a lot more convenient – but there are so many gaps in food types… we’re trying to fill some.”

Could be interesting. News24-680 has petitioned Hirahara’s BH Development company to find space at 1500 for our corporate offices but, so far, we haven’t heard if we’re in the running.

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