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Pennies From Hell Lining Laf-Moraga Trail


Super thrifty users of the Lafayette-Moraga Trail have been falling victim to a merry prankster who leaves tempting tidbits for the unwitting along the asphalt – and others wondering if their attempts to retrieve the coinage are ending up on YouTube.

Veteran runners/walker/bikers/hikers have taken note of the coins, which they say have made an appearance along the trail near Moraga Commons in recent weeks.

“I about tore my fingers off trying to pick one up on the run,” said reader Mike Dudek. “They’re good luck you know. But these are stuck down like abalone.”


Photo Courtesy Amanda Ferguson

Reader Amanda Ferguson, who sent in these pictures of the prankish coinage, said after she realized someone was having fun with trail users she looked around to see if she was being filmed.

“I’ve been fooled twice, but now I’m hip to it,” she said. “I keep waiting for a video to show up on YouTube of people trying to pry the pennies off the cement or for some kids to pop out of the bushes laughing.”

Who knows, it may happen, yet. Meanwhile, if you’ve wondered about the sticky pennies, now you know!

And if you do happen to have any video of our neighbors trying to pick up the limpet coins, let us know and we’ll run that, too!

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