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Suburban Carchaeology In The Numbers

Winter die-off reveals some old friends.

An unexpected benefit of our winter die-off and lack of rain has been the reemergence of some old pals, discarded back in the day but coming back to prod our memories – and maybe find their former owners.

A News24-680 reader sent in these fine shots of Forgotten Clunkers, recently revealed in undisclosed but obviously viewable locations around The Numbers.


Our challenge: identify the cars and their final resting place. Bonus points if you can claim and prove former ownership and tell us something about how these suburban chariots met their end. Apparently there are more out there, you just have to know where to look…

With the foliage and water levels in local reservoirs receding due to our icy temps and lack of rain, all sorts of interesting things are starting to resurface.

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