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OPINION: Thank You “Project X”

The Project X Party.

You know the movie. Three dweebs decide to throw an epic high school house party while the parental units are out of the way – and succeed in destroying the house, much of the surrounding neighborhood, and earn the respect of their peers in the process.

It’s called Project X and it’s a blueprint for today’s teen party. Right down to the bumping bass, grinding babes, BMW surfing, and roof diving. There’s also a Flamethrower Guy but we haven’t seen that part of life imitating art. Yet.

What we are seeing is a new approach to partying, a bent on destruction, nothing is sacred, “what the hell, live for tonight ’cause dad has me lawyered up and I leave for college in a few months” mentality that seems to have replaced the relatively benign teen bacchanal of yesteryear (I apologize for that Pier One vase I broke in ’71, Mrs. Ruddell, I do – bothers me to this day). There have been open imitations of the Project X Party across the country since the movie came out and we’ve seen a few pop up closer to home lately.

A party on Larch Avenue in Moraga took the vacationing homeowner by surprise on Dec. 30, when unknown teens gained access to his residence and converted it to the Project X House, the owner finding out his home had been commandeered when a neighbor texted a family member to advise that a party was underway and that it didn’t look sanctioned.

The police were called. Kids scattered like cockroaches (just like in the movie, how ’bout that?) and alcohol and grass was found inside. Four teens were detained and questioned and police are seeking others to find out just how, exactly, they were able to get inside the house. The homeowner, we have heard, was not amused and unlike Project X did not give his party hosting son props for “having it in him” to host such a massive, drug-fueled grind-fest.

We’re waiting to see how this turns out and if it’s a portent of things to come (we’re changing the locks on the house and installing internal surveillance cameras as we speak) but if nothing else it speaks of the power of modern media on today’s youth. Want to be cool? Destroy your parent’s house. Your dad may even gain respect for you if you do it with style.

Consider this a cautionary tale. Something to watch out for. Recent events have proven that no matter how cool they appear on the movie screen there are real-life consequences for hard partying, fast driving, and drugging. There are consequences for these actions… right?

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