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News24-680 Request Line: One For The Road…

News24/680 Request Line

Call it “Old School.” We don’t care. We call it “catchy,” “hummable,” a simple song that delivers. This one is for David, because he doesn’t care if it’s a simple song from a simpler time, either. It’s a good-un, and he stepped up and plunked his nickel in the Mighty Wurlitzer. So here we go…

Drawn from a chance encounter with a sign in Chicago that read “Trailers for Sale or Rent” and a hobo singer songwriter Roger Miller met at an airport in Boise, this song was a departure for Miller – who scratched his lyrics out on scraps of paper, often finishing his so-called “novelty” songs in days. “King of the Road” took months for him to write, went gold in May 1965 after selling a million copies and won numerous awards for its author that summer of ’65.

  • “King of the Road”
  • Roger Miller
  • 1965 (performed here in 1990)

Good one, eh? Got another? Step on into the diner, friends, there’s coffee percolatin’ and music in the machine – waiting to come out. All it takes is one fat little nickel.

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