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The News24-680 Wurlitzer Keeps The Beat With “Royals”

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She’s still in her teens and she’s managed to set the music world on its ear without humping a wrecking ball or a co-host.

Maybe it’s her lyrics, maybe it’s her intonation, or that she shares the surname of a certain News24-680 editor… we think it’s the pictures she paints with words that drew us into this song. Anyway, we put this one on the “Personal Favorites” stack. It has been around for a bit and despite its sparse presentation and catchy finger-snapping there are stories being told and questions being asked. Those of us who like to use words liked the way they were used here. Maybe you will, too.

  • Lorde
  • “Royals”
  • 2013

Let us know what you think, it’s a little different than your usual cookie-cutter pop song and it has found an appreciative worldwide audience. Are you one of them?

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