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Stay Safe For Trick-Or-Treating


The spookiest night of the year is just around the corner and the Walnut Creek Police Department has some advice for keeping your little ghouls  safe.

Those venturing out to Trick-or-Treat:

* Remember to stay in a familiar neighborhood
* Communicate with parents about the planned route and stick with the plan
* Carry a flashlight (with fresh batteries) and/or a glow stick
* Stop only at houses with their lights on
* Do NOT go into a stranger’s home for ANY reason
* Make sure costumes doesn’t drag on the ground.


For parents and adults in costume:
* Accompany younger children.
* Inspect children’s candy. Get children to agree not to taste anything until after the adult inspection.
* Plan the route ahead of time.
* When driving, watch for children darting between cars.
* Take cellular phones or two way radios.
* Avoid taking shortcuts in alleys – Stay in well-lit areas.
* If a child’s costume is common, mark it to allow for quick visual identification.
* Use reflective tape on costumes.
* Remind children of fire safety and fire hazards, candles may be used at homes as decorations.
* Carry only flexible knives, swords or other props. Avoid ANYTHING that could be mistaken for a firearm.
* If a police officer tells you to put down part of your costume, do so IMMEDIATELY. Keep in mind a crime may have occurred nearby by someone in a similar costume. Assuming an officer should know that a costumed weapon is fake, could lead to tragic results.

For Motorists:
* Don’t drink and drive.
* Don’t text and drive.
* Don’t drive distracted.
* Use caution when backing out of or entering a driveway.
* Drive slowly down residential streets.

For Homeowners:
* Keep pets away from children.
* Use glow sticks and battery powered lights, instead of candles on front porch.
* Remove obstacles from front yard, and clear a pathway for trick-or-treaters to get to front door.
*Call the police if you observe any suspicious activity.

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