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Choppers! We’re In a News Cycle, Folks, Hang On!

Nice, quiet Sunday and easy Monday? No way!.
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Nice, quiet Sunday you say? Bah! It was Rock n’ Roll – literally in at least one instance – as Sunday went out like a lion and Monday reared it’s head and said: “Oh, yeah? You haven’t seen anything, yet!

Veteran readers may know our disposition toward using our Sundays to rest up and recharge the old batteries. But it was not to be yesterday as a string of structure fires, the onset of Day Four of the Bart Strike, the arrival of NTSB investigators to take the lead in an investigation into the deaths of two rail workers Saturday, reports of gunfire in parts of the county (Duck Season opened yesterday), choppers over Briones, and a Carlos Santana sighting at Casa Orinda kept our scribblers busy Sunday.

Capt. Robert Marshall said Contra Costa County Fire Protection District firefighters were called out to Briones at 1:34 p.m. Sunday after a hiker got into trouble – falling down an embankment and suffering a seizure after hitting a tree.

A CHP helicopter was called in and the 21-year-old victim was taken to John Muir Hospital for treatment. We had multiple calls about the activity related to this incident so now you know.

The phones never stopped Sunday, it seemed – and we’re off to the races again this Monday morning with a 3.0 Shaker rocking Danville, traffic backing up all over the East Bay and throughout The Numbers, Facebook crashing like the Hindenburg and no fresh ground coffee for the morning latte. Gadzooks, how do you expect us to work in these conditions?

Well, we were trained in the Old School methods and we’re making do, even if we have to put Sean and Tom on the hand crank generator and we need to use sawdust for the morning coffee. We’ll get it done, technology is here to be mastered!

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