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Moragans Go To The Polls Nov. 5 – Measure B On The Ballot

Measure B

Moraga voters go to the polls in an odd-year election Nov. 5 to decide whether a $192 annual parcel tax for local schools should be approved or not.

If approved, Moraga’s Measure B would authorize the Moraga School District to levy a parcel tax of $192 per parcel for six years. The district tried to pass a parcel tax of $225 per parcel last year, Measure B, which would have lasted indefinitely. It was approved by 65 percent of the vote, short of the 66.67 percent super-majority required. A two thirds supermajority vote is required for approval.

Several local politicians and business people have endorsed passage of the ballot measure. While no formal opposition has surfaced, proponents fear a “quiet opposition” among voters weary of periodic taxes.

The registration deadline to take part in this vote is Oct. 21. Register online or pick up a form at state and county offices.

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